Saturday, March 15, 2014

Birthday Shoe.

Hi friends! Happy LORD'S day! I hope you are having a blessed day with the ones you love! My dear friend Anna from church has found me a customer at her work, a lady she works with, and she wanted a card for her daughter, it had to be red and black and have a shoe on it and lace. I found this shoe template here, and so decided to put it on the card front but you can make a shoe card if wanted and there are different styles you can change it to. I wish I had have had metalic red card, but I think the bling made the shoe stand out anyway. She loved it so all is good! TFL! Many blessings xx


  1. FANCY!!! Loving your high heel shoe and it's bling! Great background and lace. Now really, what's not to love?!?! It's a beauty!

  2. Those were the days - can't wear those high heels anymore! Great card Marcelle!