Monday, August 21, 2017

Fathers Day Shirt & Tie Cards.

Hi friends! September the 3rd is Father's Day here in Australia, and my dear daughter Carly takes cards to work and sells them for me, so, here are the first 4. I love this shirt & tie fold card and found the best you tube on it at Keenan Creations  I think it's titled "easy shirt and tie card". She is very precise and gives all the measurements and her tutorials are very easy to understand. I added a Dad word die after I took these pics. If I can remember how to I will put a link in here to her video. ( it's been awhile! Lol) best to use thin paper to make it easy to fold. Thanks so much for popping by and I love to read your comments! Judy, Lagene, Donna , Lindsay, thanks so much for your regular comments. Many blessings xx

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